Mental Health First Aid Courses

Critical Clarity Mental Health First Aid Courses – Perth

Mental wellbeing is very important in every stage of life and Critical Clarity has developed a range of mental health first aid courses that can be customised to suit the individual needs of our participants, whether it be an introduction to mental health or more in-depth discussions around specific topics.


Customised Courses

Critical Clarity, in consultation with your organisation, will deliver customised mental health first aid courses specifically designed and tailored to ensure that they meet the desired learning outcomes in the appropriate context.   All mental health first aid courses are tailored to your requirements, including duration, course content and learning outcomes.


On-site delivery

All our courses are available for delivery in Perth at a location and time of your choice, weekdays, evening and weekends included.  Most mental health first aid topics can be adapted to suit a shorter timeframe. Class participants numbers can start from as little as 6-8 participants up to 24.


Course Inclusions

  • Customised mental health first aid course contents and timeframe
  • All materials and resources
  • Certificate of Attendance for each participant

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Introduction to Mental Health First Aid20191211065248

Introduction to Mental Health First Aid

An overview of mental health, signs and symptoms and tools to support a person that is experiencing poor mental health or a mental health crisis....
Mental Health First Aid Training for Supervisors and Managers20191211070336

Mental Health First Aid Training for Supervisors and Managers

In-depth topics on recognising poor mental health or mental health crisis situations within the workplace......
Supervisor and Managers Toolbox20191211070507

Supervisor and Managers Toolbox

A short yet powerful course that provides information to Supervisors and Managers to refer to on a daily basis and utilise in their staff or toolbox meetings....
Depression and Anxiety20191211070638

Depression and Anxiety

In-depth course on how to recognise the sign and symptoms of depression and anxiety either in yourself, a loved one, friend, colleague or community member....